As my mother once said, “Melissa’s only drive for going to 2nd grade is to see who is wearing which barrettes in their hair"


My life as a stylist and working in the hospitality world has led me down an interesting path. The passion to dress people has now turned into the passion to dress venues, the vehicles the artful food is displayed, the staff uniforms, fixtures, furniture and everything you may visually connect with.

Music, art, fashion, interior design and connecting with my community fulfill me with a daily contentment and great satisfaction with life.  While I still have a lot to accomplish I have a few accolades under my belt personally and professionally. Some of my previous work and accomplishments includes: 

+Consulting style direction for Barclays Center, American Airlines Arena, United Center, Lansdowne Ottawa, Ford Field, Palace of Auburn Hills, Everfied Bank Stadium, Verizon Center, Pepsi Center and Staples Center. 

+Visual Merchandising for the United Center retail store. 

+Innovative marketing and branding for Chicago restaurants Nellcôte, RM Champagne Salon, Kinmont, Leghorn Chicken, Owen + Alchemy and Old Town Social.

+Chicago representative & speaker for Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

With Midwest, East Coast, West Coast and European work and living experience, plus a perfect mix of style, visual art, and marketing in the hospitality world, this makes me a visual brand builder on the rise.  

Refinery 29, photographed by Anjali Pinto


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