Opening Mercedes-Benz Stadium, a three year journey with many, many moving parts. But wow, it’s a beauty.

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Taste Talks Panelist, chatting about what details make hospitality a unique experience for guests.


Bringing local partners to the United Center, Big Star while watching the Blackhawks? Yes, please.


Here I’m teaching Chef Jonathan the “sneer, leer” pose for a comprehensive style catalog I created of uniforms options for the field.



It’s never been more important than to have a well designed experience, space and brand. When you can bring forward an idea and turn it into design a person can touch, see, or wear, it is a magical thing... I have had the pleasure of working with professional sports teams through my former work at Levy, a global premium sports and entertainment hospitality provider, where delivering exceptional design for every moment of the fan journey is strategic yet authentic. From strategy to creating tangible design, I work with companies to create compelling end-to-end design. In the design world, you are only as good as what you can execute, mood boards are one thing, but making it real and to be able to walk through an experience or pick up a brand touchpoint you have created, that is true design. Long before Levy, I was a fashion and interior stylist where I created vignettes for magazines, restaurants and hotels. 

My forte is hospitality, with many years of design thinking, making, doing, creating, and collaborating with the best of the best chefs, owners, strategists, graphic designers, photographers and the nation’s finest creative and influential folk. I have styled over 25K hospitality employees, created unique innovation around brand touchpoints, art directed photoshoots, propped, prepped and procured for stadiums around the country. I try to find ways to bring talent together, find the best products, keep sustainability top of mind, and to create design experiences people will remember. 

My proudest career moment is when I walked into a Starbucks in the Chicago Gold Coast and saw someone on working their laptop wearing a shirt I concepted, created, sourced and personally displayed on a shelf at Wrigley Field for the 2016 World Series… now that felt like end-to-end design!



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